RuneScape Friends Chats


Here are some useful friends chats in RuneScape.

Evil Trees and Star

  • Chase Trees = Evil Trees, Shooting stars, Casual
  • Tree Hunt = Crystal Trees
  • star find = Shooting stars


  • world60pengs
  • w60pengy = for ghost peng

Other Minigames

  • 2flingfish = fish flinger
  • vis wax fc
  • portables = find portable training locations
  • Fast SC = stealing creating fc, no combat.
  • Fast Effigy = Assist FC. Get assistance for effigy
  • DemonMobs Fc
  • Harmed Ore =
  • NemiForest (find nodes in Nemi forst for reputation)
  • gop addict = (The Great Orb Project minigame)
  • goldtrimmers (Castle Wars. Need to apply on forum to access fc)


  • Boss School (Team Bossing, many helpful players)
  • raid fc (Find team for raiding BM/Yakamaru)
  • pvming fc (bossing training)


  • ssko star (mental health/social fc. if you need help PM jizzabella69)

Post any other useful FCs you know.


mod mark = fc with many players online


Never visited it, may try. I mostly harmed ore3, 90weaps pc (these make me money) and chase trees.

Note to myself: Don’t AFK at Kree’arra, i almost died replying this post :slight_smile:


gop addict = fc for playing great orb project. it is active around GMT 4 a.m. some 6-7 players always play the minigame.


Thank you, added to the list. I played it once for getting comp cape, not very good reward unless you like runecrafting :slight_smile:


I am stuck at coal mining, I am going to wine of zamorak. and no gop addict any more :laughing: