Invention Guide For Dummies


Invention is new skill released on 25 Jan 2016. To start the skill, go to Invention guild north of faldor load stone, talk to the dwarf inside, he will walk you through the basics.

How To Train Invention

To train invention, you need to make Augmentor, then attach it to weapon and Armour.

Now you need to level up your Weapon and Armour, then dissemble. When you disassemble a level 10 Weapon/Armour, you get 540 K XP.

Augmented Items

Initially you can only Augment weapon, as you level up, you will be able to augment T70 or T85 body and legs.

At Invention level 4, you will be able to level up a weapon to level 5. It is better to augment cheap weapons that you can lose.

At Invention level 27, you will be able to level up augmented items to level 10. It is easy to get level 27, i just augmented dark bow, leveled it to 5, disassembled, you have to do this 2 times to get to level 27, then you will be able to level up augmented items to level 10, that give you maximum xp on disassemble.

Making Augmentor

This is the hardest part in training invention. To make an Augmentor, you need following parts.

  • Base parts * 45
  • Flexible parts * 45
  • Tensile parts * 45
  • Enhancing components * 8
  • Powerful components * 7

To obtain these components, you need to disassemble items.

Base parts

You can get these by dissembling swords. Cheapest way to do this is to go to weapon shops, buy weapons, disassemble them. If you have 1300 dark warrior kills, you can purchase them cheap from white knight shop. It is easy to get these kills.

Flexible parts

Disassemble short bows or shield bows.

Tensile parts

Disassemble short bows , shield bows, crossbows or stocks.

Enhancing components

Make slayer ring, disassemble them or you can disassemble potions, cheapest potion is energy potion, that cost arround 40 gp per dose.

Powerful components

You can get them disassembling pouches, scrolls or battlestaffs.

Insulated boots from slayer master have very high chance of giving powerful components. Only 10 of them available to purchase, buy them and disassemble them you pass though slayer masters, they get restocked faster.

Charge Pack

Your augmented weapon and armour use charges. Initially you get 100 K charges to start with. After that you have to make your own. This can be done by connecting energy from wisp (Divination).

A charge pack give 3000 charges. To make a charge pack, you need

  • Simple Parts * 20
  • Energy (amount varies depending on level/tier of energy).

To make energy pack, just click on energy in your inventory, no need to go to Invention Guild for this.

Charge Drain Rate

It is better augment lower level weapons and Armour (T70) as higher tier items have higher charge drain rate.

Charge drain rate get reduced as you level up your augmented item or you research charge drain rate reduction, this can be done as you level up invention skill.


These can be attached to augmented items. Gizmo have good and bad effects, so make sure you only attach Gizmos that help you.

Attaching Gizmo to augmented item increase charge drain rate, so only attach them if you really need it.

Efficient Perk

This is a perk Gizmo gives, this reduce charge drain rate on your augmented items. There is 3 levels of Efficient Perk, try to get Efficient 3 if possible that have maximum charge reduction are.

To make Gizmo with Efficient perk, you need 5 * Healthy components, you can get them by dissembling shark or rocktails.

Chance of getting a Perk on Gizmo is random, so you may need to try several times to get the Perk you want.