Invention Experiments - weapon xp


Dark Beast

Weapon/Armour used for this test are

  • Augmented Noxious Staff
  • Gano body/legs


Burn the magic log before i start, not really needed, but i started doing it when i start going Muspah (i was camping them for last 1 week).

Only used excaliber once on last trip.

Test Data.

START TIME = 04-Apr-2016 08:11 AM 
Weapon XP = 55,574
Dark Beast kills = 45,047

END TIME = 04-Apr-2016 09:11 AM
Weapon XP = 74,592
Dark Beast kills = 45,412

Loot With Legendary Pet.


Weapon XP Per hour = 19,018
Dark Beast Kills Per Hour = 365


1 Hour @ Muspah

Weapon XP (Nox Staff) = 26,048
Armour XP = 18,407
Muspah Kills = 401


With Penence Aura, it is more AFK-able, but you need to check every few minutes for sunshine/overload.

I did try other aura few times like vampirism, dark magic etc… but i died most of the time as i forget to drink potion. I used Ice Barrage, if i used Blood Barrage, i may able to survive. Also i used soul split + Torment prayers, this may be the reason prayer drain was faster and i have to keep drinking prayer potion like every minute. I will try with just soul split.


For Muspah, i followed method posted by RSHTML on r/runescape

After spending several hours at Muspah, it is time to say goodbye to Tectonic mask.