Getting Golden Rocks - AFK Methods


Once you get first rock in any skill, chance of getting 2nd rock in same skill is reduced by 50%. So it is always better to switch skills once you get a rock until it is some AFK training location where you don’t have to pay much attention.

Chance of getting Golden Rock is based on number of action taken, not amount of XP you get. So you can do anything that is faster. Killing lower level monsters work, but they are not aggressive, unless you are using a cannon, it is better kill some monsters that are aggressive, so you don’t have to keep clicking.

Slayer Golden Rock

Just do any slayer task.

Range Golden Rock

You need to kill enemy that use range attacks. I kill Dagannoth. They can be found in waterbirth island or in lighthouse. They can be afked. Since they drop bones, use dragon tooth necklace for auto prayer restore. Pray soul split to heal.

Magic Golden Rock

  • Black deamon (chaos tunnel or tavelery dung)
  • Dark beast

Prayer Golden Rock

Kill monsters that drop bones with bone crusher.

  • Dark beast

Herblore Golden Rock

Clean any herb or make potions.

Dungeoneering Golden Rocks

Do Sinkholes or Complexity 4 floors. You get rock at end of a floor.

Summoning Gold Rocks

Make spirit terror bird pouch at Amlodd obelisk when voice of seren is active. You can buy bird meat from Ooglog. Any other pouch will work.

Melee Golden Rock

Use magic on earth warrior. They are aggressive, so you can afk them. Use Varrock Armour to teleport to room next to Earth warrior. I got my 2 golden rocks in less than 5 minutes. You have to kill lot of them for champion scroll, so don’t worry even if it take some time.