Defenders worth using it T80 vs T90


Posted by Nolan Wiki

The short verdict from my end is it doesn’t warrant it. You can use your t80 defender for 10 second reflects in P4 (and P5 immortality), semi-reasonable (but still weakened) Revenges, so on and so forth. (Realistically, I’d imagine the defender is only good for the tasks I listed above - and a t80 defender does a good enough job for those tasks.)

So, to expand on things:

  • Full Achto mainly is useful for block chance, defensive resets, and damage while using a shield… in that order.
  • Achto’s damage boost is based on the tier of the shield in question - boots and gloves are as damage-boosting as the T90 counterpart if you wield a T90 defender. All other parts are weaker - significantly so in the case of body/legs.
  • Revenge’s effect is roughly halved when using a defender.
  • Defender counts as a shield, but at half of its tier value. T80 is a T40 shield, T90 is a T45 shield. (Woo… big difference… /s)
    All of this translates to:
  • T80 and T90 defenders aren’t that different.
  • Both give full access to the abilities that really matter - reflect and immortality.
  • Barricading, debilitating, revenging, or resonancing with a defender is a surprisingly bad idea. You should stick with the T90 shield equivalent for those skills in particular.

There’s a good reason why my Augmented kalphite rebounder is still at… level 2.

Also… gimme your Achto, I’m like 70 loots dry :’(

Posted by /u/Helmsteel2

Defenders are not even worth it, just keep your singularity and put turtling 3 on a merciless, revenge is your friend. Staff is fine for the rest of the kill when you’re not bearing a shield. I have 700~ telos Kc and pushed 750+ enrage without the need for a defender.

Posted by /u/HeyImCodyRS

Sing has almost no uses in pvm anymore as a staff is superior in every way to seismics besides having the wand and a shield for tank roles or wand a t90 defender for some extra dps while still tanking. But you suffer a reduced cade timer from the defender. If you decide to make your t90 defender you should put prec 5 on it and put turtling 3 on your achto (since you should have an extra slot even with max perks). Staff should be used majority of the time with wand/defender only really used for res’ing invader, reflecting fonts and immorting on p5.