Completed 25 chimp ice deliveries


Completed 25 chimp ice deliveries.

You buy chimp ice from monkey colony and deliver to monkey king in ape tol.

Every 5th Ice melt faster, it will be harder to do this. But with Chimp ice enhancer reward from maa dung, it is easy. It double the time for ice to melt.


I done 4 chimp ice delivery on first day. 5th failed as ice melt fast.

18 Jan 2015

I done 7 chimp ice delivery (total 11 so far). Need to do 14 more, hope i can get this done in 2 to 3 days.

Here is the setup i used.

  • Water + Blood runes for ice barrage (no weapon needed).
  • Magic logs for baloon transpot
  • Lock pick
  • Monkey Speek amulet
  • Monkey greegree
  • Agility legs and top (not really needed if you have high agility).


Finished all 25 delivery. 5th delivery look hard with out using chimp ice enhancer. Great work everyone who finished with out it :smile: