Champions' Challenge


Imp Champion

Best place to kill them is under karamja volcano. You can use cannon here.

Lesser Demon Champion

Best place to kill them is under karamja volcano. You can use cannon here. They are aggressive, so i don’t use cannon (being cheap), just afked with legendary pet, it take me several days. With legendary pet, it take the champ scroll for you.

Got it on 25-Jan-2016

Aberrant Spectre Champion

Kill them in pollnivneach slayer dungeon. I got slayer mask, so i done my daily slayer task challenge on them. It is AFK, once i logged off, when i login, i had the champ scroll in my inventory. Thanks to legendary pet (fire drake).

Banshee Champion

Pollnivneach slayer dungeon. I done it as my daily slayer task with slayer mask. Was easy afk task.

Earth Warrior Champion

They are aggressive in chaos tunnel. I teleported with Varrock Armour to bork, earth warroir is next room to teleport spot. I afked with magic armour (subjugation) + Armadyl staff (air spell). It did not take me much time to get it. When they become non aggressive, just run to other side, come back.

Got it on 26-Jan-2016

Zombie Champion Scroll

I kill armoured zombie for Zombie champion scroll. They are week to water spell, i just used Air spell.

They are aggressive, won’t hit much. With Demon horn necklace, free prayer restore, so i can pray soul split all the time.



Champion Scrolls to collect

  • Ghouls (Got in 15-Aug-2016)
  • Mummies
  • Hill Giant
  • Zombies (Got in 01-June-2016)


Still no luck with Armoured Zombie Champion Scroll. I spend several days at Armoured Zombies. For invention, i leveled up my first fire bows on them.

Today (13 April 2016), i got Jogre Champion scroll from GDW, i spend last two days AFK there. WIth bonecrusher, it is not hard, just pray soulsplit, you will always 100% HP.

Equipment setup



Got Goblin champion scrolls. I did kill goblins/hogoblins at GWD. But the goblins are so rare, i decided to do it differently.

I enabled the doomsayer warning in game settings for Goblin raid.

Now i get in game message when there is a raid in my world.

I went to the raid spot, killed Goblins, the main guy is harder. I got Champion scroll from killing the main goblin, it was little hard to kill.




Got Hobgoblin Champion’s scroll from GWD.



Got Zombie Champion’s scroll. I spend lot of time, but it was afk. So far, all the champ scrolls are with out cannon, just afked aggressive monsters.

Maybe i get hill giants next as it can’t be afked, i don’t want it to be last. Have to use cannon for this one as it it is aggressive, i wish i know when i was below hill gaints combat level.



Spend lot of cannon balls on Hill Giants. Today decided to check Champion guild and found it is not listed, then i found Gaint, i decided to give him a fight, turned out it was Hill Giant. I can’t remember getting it, may be it was the first one i got, that was year back. I remember getting one long back and worried about the fight, at that time i had no clue what it is for. Not sure i should be happy or sad.

Now i have 2 more champion scroll to hunt, Mummy and Ghouls.



After days of killing mummy at Ullek got Mummy Champion’s scroll.

This is afkable. But it take me lot of time, so i checked other places with chaos tunnel and Jaldraocht Pyramid. Chaos tunnel is not AFK-able as they are non aggressive. Jaldraocht Pyramid, for some reason, look like bugged, i can’t kill them.

After switching boss portal to telos, trip to Mummy at Ullek become much easier. After they stop attacking, i run to the agility course start (guy with tent) and run back, they become aggressive again.



After a month of killing Ghouls on and off, i finally got Ghoul Champion’s scroll.

I started doubting if Ravenous ghoul will really drop a champ scroll last few days. I went for them as i can kill it with cannon, more AFK able. I got all my champion scrolls with out using cannon :slight_smile:

With Blood essence, they always stay aggro to you. With bone crusher and dragon tooth amulet, you get prayer restored.

Loot from champion scroll hunt.