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Speak to Lanthus while wearing a full set of profound decorative armour from Castle Wars.

Is one most time consuming requirement for Trimmed Completionist cape.

After i get comp cape, i want to go for trimmed, but after seeing the time required for castle war, i changed my goal to make 1B GP.

After i made 1B, i started doing the trimmed requirements slowly.

With GoldTrimmers fc and Castle wars token enhancer, getting gold tickets faster than i expected, already have 500 gold tickets. You can afk during the game.


Castle War progress

15 Jan 2016

503 Gold Tickets

Got many helms, not sure why i keep getting these. This is level 85 inside mini games, but for normal use it is waste, just cometic. Maybe jagex want players keep sake it.


Got profound legs, need 4 more.

Not doing much castle wars. Doing AFK Thaler method, it is almost same as doing castle war. But much more AFK. Some mini games like Barbarian assault, Conquest allow you AFK for hours as game can run as long as players are not left.

Castle war, you get 2 ticket for every 23 minutes + 3 thaler when game is not spot lighted. It is less AFK able as you need to join team, switch team on 19 minute, keep trying to sara team etc…

Got 7909 thaler now. Need 30652 more Thaler for all profound.


Found another FC for castle wars

They do 13 minutes games. But you need an ALT to join them. This saves 50% of time it take to get trim comp cape.


Purchased Profound decorative platebody with 12650 Thaler. I need Helm, sword and shield now.


Purchased Profound decorative helm with Thaler + Gold tickets.

You can purchase detailed decorative set for 3355 Thaler, then trade it with castle war guy to get 290 gold tickets. I used remaining gold tickets to get profound helm.

I need 2 more items.

  • Profound decorative sword
  • Profound decorative shield



Got 3 requirements done today.

Defeated all champions.

Got last champion scroll from Ghoul today.

Have personally poked Vorago’s eye out (Be the player who uses the Maul of Omens to defeat him).

This is done with help of “pvming fc”. This is my 11th vorago kill. My first kill was also on a Scopulus week.

Speak to Lanthus while wearing a full set of profound decorative armour from Castle Wars.


Attain the highest Esteem rank possible (rank 1) from training in Runespan.

I was doing this with my daily challenge. Most of the day i got like ~1k points. Recently i started getting lucky challenges, that speed up the progress.

Remaining requirements