BizHat's RuneScape Adventure Log


Got Spring Cleaner from Balthazar’s Big Raffle

Wanted this for long. Now i have to buy springs and camp some monsters that drop rune items. I do AFK kill dark beast, i want to get 60 K kills, maybe useful there. Another place to camp is Muspah or Gladius at Monastery of Ascension.


With 6 k gp to per spring, i may use high alch instead of spring cleaner. Feel like another useless item i wanted so much until i get it.

Finished quest The Lord of Vampyrium, got comp cape back. Yesterday i familed many times during phase 2 of boss fight, with some tips from Paige, i was able to get it done. I was using Blisterwood polearm, changed to Blisterwood stakes, used bonefire boost, enhanced excaliber and over load berofre fight start. I changed graphics mode to minimum for fighting as i failed few times to dodge bomb attack even thought i clicked away. Mostly you have to attack and run.


I will get it soon :smile:


Doube XP weekend. I have don’t want more XP, Happy with 763 M XP i got, so went to kill some DKS, was not playing much last few days. Got sleepy, so played some RuneScape.

I don’t think i will ever go for 200 M XP, i like seeing that XP popup, after 99, they disabled the skill part of it, now u have no idea what skill u getting XP. After 200 M, no xp, everything you do is waste :slight_smile:

Purchased 2 Noxious longbow for 207,500,00 GP each. Already it went up to 211 M GP in last 4 hours. I will wait until it go back to 220M+ before selling them.

Got 3 Death touch dart from Balthazar’s Big Raffle, time to kill Nex.


I forget i had death touch dart, remembered after reading my previous post, not sure jagex take it back for not using it. I was not playing (read no-lifing) as i used to be. Only player like 1 hour, mostly afk + do some daily tasks.

Reached 1234 M GP (2nd time), last time i buy 24 bonds for next year membership.

Last day i joined FC “cwafkers” done some AFK CW, it is not that afk, you need to keep checking or you get logged off. Long term project, getting that golden cape, not sure if i ever get it.


Done 3 castle wars games with GoldTrimmers fc. It is complicated at first, look like i am getting used to all the ztos, sara and sac roles.

Here is the HOW-TO if anyone want castle war rewards

I don’t read it yet :smile:, i don’t get any gold tokens because i don’t switch team in time… but it is my first day, will get used to it soon.


Getting Gold tickets from castle war. 161/4150 Gold Tickets.


Trimmed Completionist progress. Some of the hardest requirements remaining. But nice to see smaller list.

Invention was not moving last few days, still at level 65.


Selling loot from 120 invention, this is partial loot as i used spring cleaner and trained at dark beast until level 90+


Unlock all ten pieces of lore from elder chronicles.

Finished one more trimmed comp requirement. All you need to do is go to Elder Hall (world gate), train divinition. While training, collect all chronicles, offer it to guthix shrine. You need to connect 100 elder chronicles.

I trained it slowly, mainly for invention energy and for gold rocks.


Killed Penance King as Attacker. One more trimed comp requirements finished.

Used FC “ba games” to find team. I was not planing to do it as i only done hard mode once before. But someone wanted a team, so i went in with Few Fears, Ias, Pryl, Spitter. I died during the scroll pick up stage, so had to do everything again, next time i don’t rush for scroll, it take some time to get the scroll, but got the kill.


Got 3rd Kal’gerion battle commendation after 1826 kills. The title unlocked was “the Pummeller”. Need 2 more titles to finish the trim requirement.


Got another title from Kal’gerion. The Thunderous.

Total kills so far = 2052

This is 4th title. I need to get one more.


Got all Kal’gerion titles. Last one on 2171 kill.


Used 6,000 cannon balls on Hill Gaints, no cule scroll yet.

Purchased 10K cannon balls for 467 GP ea, will be using them for Hill Gaints.


Surged into beastmaster


Acquire a champion’s tackle box from the Fish Flingers distraction and diversion.

Finished one more trim requirement. Remaining requirements are


Finished one more requirment

Fully built the Statue of Rhiannon in the Tower of Voices at least 32 times to complete the version in the Max Guild.


Unlocked all permanent rewards from the Artisans Workshop.

Another trim requirement done. Mostly used cheap ores like addy, during the last 100 or 200% respect i started using runite ore.


Completed 2 requirements

Completed the Dahmaroc statue in your player-owned house.
Complete floors 1-60 on Hard Mode in Dungeoneering.